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About Us

Today’s Want-Want Group was established way back in 1962 under the name “I Lan Foods Industrial Co., Ltd”. Then in 1983, the “Want-Want” brand was launched in Taiwan. In the early ‘90s, we ventured into mainland China and invested in factories there. After many years of development, the Group is now present in 61 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, North America, Central and South America, as well as Oceania and Europe.

Want-Want Group is looking to expand its business landscape. Our Group’s management philosophy is based on human decency and self-confidence. We act as a cohesive unit to pursue our goal of being the market leader in the food and beverage sector and eventually becoming No. 1 in Asia and the world.


What do you think of when you think of snacks?
Do you think of chips or sweet candies? Want-Want Europe wants to offer German consumers another high-quality, delicious option!

As the world’s largest producer of rice crackers, we hope that with our 60 years of experience in making rice crackers, we can provide our dear European consumers what good rice crackers taste like.