From paddy field to bag – Here’s how we do it

The secret to making our rice crackers so tasty is that we use 100% japonica rice from the east of Taiwan, where rice grows with pure water. We harvest the finest rice, after processed, molded and flavoured, Voila! A touch with wonderful taste of rice cracker is presented!

Only the best ingredients

We use japonica rice that grows in Chishang county from Taitung in Taiwan, where farmers advocate for a sustainable use of the environment and soil. Because we believe that soil can only produce good rice if it is well nourished.

Chishang brown rice from Taitung, Taiwan, is rich in nutrients because the germ and bran layers of the rice grain are preserved. This means that it contains the full nutritional value of the rice grain, making it rich in fiber and vitamins B and E – which makes it a natural and nutritious food.

Chishang purple rice from Taitung, Taiwan, is rich in nutrients. Its distinctive purple color comes from the anthocyanin pigments in the outer skin of the rice grain. Chishang purple rice is rich in nutrients including protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Quinoa is a whole grain that, besides containing starch, is rich in protein, minerals, and fiber. In fact, it contains seven times more fiber than sweet potatoes.

Black beans are rich in protein. We only select good quality black beans that are plump and shiny, so that our customers can enjoy top-quality products.

Production Process – Rice Crackers

Want-Want group cooperates with Iwatsuka Confectionery Co., Ltd from Japan. Together, we successfully developed the rice cracker market in Taiwan, and soon became the local market leader. Want-Want has learned a lot from the perfectionist of Japanese spirit – insist on high quality standards and are fully devoted to steadily improving the production of rice crackers. We always strive to find the best ingredients locally to process them into our rice crackers.

The secret of good rice crackers lies in the use quality of delicious rice and the best ingredients – a simple concept, but at the same time difficult mission.

Each step of the production process is carried out with care and perseverance for good taste.